The EP Group

Accredited Exercise Physiologists

Tame Your Pain

A pain management program that puts you in control.

A few words about you

Your pain is impacting your daily life.
You may have restricted movement preventing you doing things you love to do or need to do.
Nothing much has helped to this point.
You prefer not to take more drugs to mask the pain.
You want a lasting solution that puts you in control.

A few words about us

We are university-qualified Accredited Exercise Physiologists.
We plan your treatment using world’s best practice.
We have devised effective treatments for muscle and joint pain like yours.
We have 16-years of success in managing injury and chronic pain.
We deliver a highly personalised service tailored to your specific health goals.
We arm you with the tools, tips and know-how to play an active role in your treatment and ongoing pain management.

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