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How does your treatment work? How do you Tame My Pain?
It’s not complicated, but it is based on the latest research, our intimate understanding of the mechanism behind your pain and world’s best practice treatment of your specific condition.

The EP Group treatment model is typically based around six consultations, seven if you count the initial assessment consultation. By way of these consultations we:

  • assess several pain parameters
  • design a series of corrective exercises and therapeutic movements to address the cause of your pain
  • measure your progress and impart the tools, tips and know-how required for you to self- manage your condition.

How is this different from physiotherapy, chiropractic or osteopathy?
As opposed to passive treatment or manual therapy, our methods are categorised as an active treatment because we need your participation and effort. The treatment programs we prescribe rely on you completing the exercises and therapeutic movements to improve your condition or decrease your level of pain. Your result is directly proportional to your level of effort. The more effort you put in, the more you understand your condition, the less you need to see us and the greater power you possess to self-manage your condition going forward.

What happens in an assessment consultation?
Your exercise physiologist will take you through a range of tests to determine a baseline measure from which to chart your improvement. The tests utilised will be specific to your condition and relevant to how it is affecting your daily life. Depending on your injury or condition, these tests may assess:

  • range of motion (with pain/pain free)
  • pain intensity measures
  • aggravating movements
  • contributing strength deficiencies
  • contributing postural dysfunction
  • balance deficits
  • aerobic capacity
  • functional capacity

The assessment provides valuable information that is used to design your exercise program and set appropriate goals for your treatment.

What should I wear to a consultation?
Wear loose or non-restricting clothes that you feel comfortable exercising in.

Parking at our clinics
There is a range of parking options at our clinics; here are a few we suggest:

Hawthorn Clinic (Oasis Gym) – in the gym carpark at the front of the building, or free street parking for two hours on Hall St.

CBD Clinics (Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre and Corporate Fitness Club) – City Square Carpark, Flinders Lane

South Melbourne Clinic (Re-Creation Health Club) – Free two-hour parking under South Melbourne Central, enter from Market St.

Public Transport
Hawthorn Clinic (Oasis Gym) – Take the Glen Waverley Line to Tooronga Station (800m walk)

CBD Clinics (Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre and Corporate Fitness Club) – Corporate Fitness Club is a short walk from Flinders St Station.  Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre

South Melbourne Clinic (Re-Creation Health Club) – Take the Light Rail 96 to South Melbourne Station (400m walk)

Do you conduct home visits?
Yes, we conduct home visits in the inner-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. If you are interested in this service, please contact us to find out if you are within our service area.

Am I entitled to private health rebates for exercise physiology?
Exercise physiology is recognised as a valuable Allied Health discipline by the majority of private health funds, and our services attract rebates accordingly. The rebate amount varies depending on your individual fund and your level of cover.

Can I claim through Medicare for exercise physiology services?
Exercise physiology services attract rebates through Medicare as part of a Team Care Arrangement. To be eligible for this Medicare program, you must be diagnosed with a chronic condition that has been ongoing for six months or is expected to continue for six months. Should you be eligible, your GP will enter you into a GP Management Plan and associated Team Care Arrangement program.

Do you offer discounts?
Yes, we offer a discount of 15% to pensioners and children under the age of 15 at our clinics. Discount consultations are conducted between 10am and 4pm.

Payment methods
We accept cash, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX and cheques by prior arrangement.

I have a question that is not listed here
If you require any further information on our services, please call us on
(03)9029 5590 or email us at

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