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Anti-rotation exercises for back pain: masterstroke or misplaced theory?

At the EP Group, I have to say we probably have a foot in both camps regarding the benefits of anti-rotational exercises for treating back pain. We tend to look at them more as a great stepping stone to more functional movements rather than the panacea for all back related dysfunction. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that exercises like the Pallof press and an anti-rotation focused woodchop are far from intuitive movements and to most, probably feel quite unnatural, but as we have seen them filter into the world of rehab from the functional training arena, we do see some advantages to this exercise if utilised in the right way, at the right time in a rehab program. In the same way that isometric exercises are utilised in early-stage rehabilitation to re-teach muscle activation, anti-rotation exercises can be utilised as a natural extension of this, teaching activation with a constant pertubation. This is a great stepping stone to help coordinate multiple stabilising muscles before embarking on multi-plane functional movements that mimic real-life tasks or activities.

There is nothing more polarising than a new fitness trend, people reacts strongly in both directions, but when you actually stop to analyse it, pick it apart and reapply the theory in a slightly different context a good practitioner can come up with some interesting and effective solutions. If you’re interested in trying a new activity range of exercises or fitness innovation, but you’re unsure because you have a history of injury, illness or inactivity, don’t put it in the “too hard basket”, let an Exercise Physiologist guide you through an introduction to that activity and help you make an informed decision about whether the activity is right for you. We have facilities in the Melbourne CBD, South Melbourne and Hawthorn East and Yarraville.

Pallof Press

Pallof Press

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